Edge Master 2 Stage Mini Knife Sharpener

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Experience the power of razor-sharp knives with the Edge Master 2 Stage Mini Knife Sharpener. 

Petite enough for your pocket, this efficient dual sharpener removes a dull edge and hones for a super-sharp edge.

With its non-slip base and easy push-pull motion, you can keep your small or large knives in top condition. 

  • Two-stage knife sharpener that includes coarse and fine sharpening slots
  • Coarse carbide slot removes a significant amount of metal to restore very dull or damaged straight-edge knives
  • Fine ceramic slot suits knives with either straight or serrated edge and removes minimal metal to fine-tune an already sharp blade
  • Easy to use and requires light and simple push-and-pull motion when sharpening
  • Requires about five to seven pulls to sharpen knives, while harder steel may need additional pulls

Dimensions: 10cm x 5cm x 4.5cm

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